Flowers add the wow factor. Make a lasting impression on clients and customers with day-to-day decorations and one of a kind designs.

Make Your Business Bloom

Are flowers just another expense? Bayou City Flowers disagrees.

Flowers are a visual signal to your clientele. Structural, tropical blossoms say “We have the expertise you need.” Vases full of pink and white blooms encourage the viewer to indulge. Whimsical bowls of wildflowers say “Creativity happens here.”

What do you want to say with flowers? Tell our designers!

Our Services

  • Lobby & Waiting Room Arrangements

    • Countertop – Starting at $100.00
    • Floor-Resting – Starting at $235.00
  • Large Scale Installations

  • Event & Holiday Décor

  • Boardroom Centerpieces

  • Restaurant Bud Service

    • Petite – Starting at $0.95/table
    • Premium – Starting at $1.45/table
    • Deluxe – Starting at $11.95/table

Why buy Flowers?

The Essence of Hospitality

A floral arrangement delivers a clear message to guests that their presence is valued.

Flowers for Influence

In a competitive industry, a fresh arrangement sets you apart and makes a memorable experience out of what would have been an otherwise mundane interaction.

Revolving Arrangements

Fresh varieties incentivize repeat visits and add interest to your work place.

Subscription Accounts

that Work for You

♦ No long-term agreements
♦ Custom designs at your desired frequency
♦ No Initiation fees
♦ Deliveries made on your schedule
♦ Clean vases and containers every delivery

Consultation takes only a few minutes and requires no commitment.

Subscriptions — Special Offer!

Get a quote and mention this offer to get a one-week trial 40% off.